Let’s Take This Outside…

This post is going to be details about the exterior of my house. Oh, and I don’t know the names of plants. Sorry.


The reason I’m basically posting these pictures again is because I got a new camera! I used to have a Sony DSLR but was not impressed by the quality of the photos and it was not very easy to use. I ended up getting a Canon Rebel T3i and LOVE it. Would you look at these photos? Ok, enough about the camera.


(Yes, my house number is there)


Here is the stoop and portico/ landing. My mom and I love the show Rehab Addict, so we hang an American flag out there as a little shout out to Nicole. My mom got the sconces a few years ago, which are ok, but we just picked up some new (to us) sconces at a salvage yard that I’m stoked about!


Here is a shutter close up. Pretty self explanatory, they are black.


And below is a door close up. No, that is not a Christmas wreath, I just like it. I think it balances the door and adds more dimensions. The color is something by Behr, but we can’t seem to remember the name. It’s just your classic red door!


And as you can see from this detail shot below, the concrete ain’t looking too hot.


Power-washing is in its future. This is a close up of one of the lights. It’s by no means repelling, but half of our neighbors have the same ones and I have more of a shaker, clean lined style while this is rather ornate.


Awkward siding shot.



Ah, the lamp post. The top kept falling off, so here is our classy solution:


Duct tape.


Heres’ the garage.


I love the side yard. We live on a corner (between two courts- our street is bone shaped as I like to say) so this and and angle of this front of the house is what we see when we drive up, so it has to be pretty, right?

The windows supports window boxes that are in great need of a little love. And while I dream of being really handy and making something like this or this, I will probably never get around to it.


As you can see above, a little pathway leads into the backyard where you can immediately see our sunroom.




Since there’s so much green, it’s kinda hard to photograph.




You may be wondering: Why do they have a dining set in their shrubbery? That’s a good question. Anyone in the DC area interested in it?




As you can see, the other side yard has grown a lot since I last photographed it:


Ahhh, so much greener.





Here is a little basement entrance that kept the deck above it so small. Urgh.


And then here are the stairs that lead to the deck.





Ta-da! All done! Any questions?

Does anyone have any go-to plants that they like for a backyard? I love hydrangeas, but my black thumb is no good for something like that. :( Single tear.

A Place Never Before Seen…

…at least on this blog.

It’s my bathroom at my dad’s house.


So here’s the story: the house was built in the early ’40s, it was fine, but not as up-to-date as the rest of the house. Also, the tile had some damage. And the faucet stinks. Not literally, but there was no pressure when I turned the water on and when it was on the hot water just dripped a teeny-tiny dribble. The rest was cold.


Quintessential vintage bathroom, right? It is pretty adorable, but then you get a bit closer…


It’s a wee bit damaged. And all of the gray is a bit… too much gray. As much as I love the color, it just doesn’t suit this bathroom.


(Ah yes, the trash. Excuse that. I was too lazy to throw it out.)

The toilet is a fancy schmancy TOTO toto (haha I crack myself up) and it will stay. It is pretty dang comfortable if that isn’t too weird to say that.


Years of wear and tear are pretty visible.


So, we have decided to make it pretty modern (my step-mother even hired a professional interior designer, even though I would have been happy to design it myself) and here is the sample Miss-Suzanne-The-Interior-Designer came up with:


(links of everything to come when the bathroom is finished)

Isn’t it lovely?? I would never have thought to pick out this, but I’m pretty excited to expand what I love.

I have made an (awful) rendition of what it may look like:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.06.46 PM

That’s my dog, Wrigley. Ain’t she a cutie?

Graphic designer, I am not. But you get the point.

See ya later!